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Gujarat Technological University has been established with the prime objective of ensuring that education in the fields of Engineering, Pharmacy, MBA and MCA is provided at a high level all over the state. The University is required to work for advancement of quality of life of the mankind in general through its work in the domains of science, engineering, management and computer applications.

The University is working with all the Colleges to sensitize them to the need for high quality of education.

Faculty Development Programs:

The University during the last year has worked so that it today has the largest Faculty Development Program in the country so that the faculty members, most of them young and relatively new persons to the profession of teaching, can be informed about and trained in different aspect of pedagogy and technology.


It is also providing to the students, Professors and Principals/ Directors highly innovative facilities for making the technology education more practice-oriented. The Colleges may use the facilities, created by GTU. Or they may adopt any other methodology. But an active inter-action with industries & businesses and immersion studies by students are required if our education in technology is to come out of the low level rut, into which it has fallen.

New Syllabi and leadership in Learning:

GTU is working to ask its students and teachers to make their classes, laboratories and workshops interesting and inter-active. GTU wants that not even one day out of the calendar should be wasted and learning must not be exam-oriented. However we cannot get rid of rote-learning and move towards real understanding of technology if the students and teachers do not ensure full 90 days of contact through classes, laboratories and workshops.

Let us all work together with discipline and determination to make GTU a University, of which we can all be proud.

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